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Frequently Asked Questions

Prefabricated Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Is it possible to install the prefabricated buildings in every city of Turkey?


QUESTION: Is it necessary to have license to install the prefabricated building?

It is necessary if the place of installing of the prefabricated building is in an area of an municipality.

QUESTION: Do you get issued the licence to install the building?

Licences and offical permissions are taken by buyer.To take licence ,architectural project ,wiring project,water installation’s project ,mechanical plan and research of ground floor must be done by buyer.

QUESTION: What is the maximum storey of a prefabricated building?

Two storeys.

QUESTION: Is it possible for you to install every kind of projects acording to customer’s request?

Possible if the requested project is suitable for our axle dimensions.

QUESTION: Are the prefabricated buildings purposed for summer usage only?

AS prefabricated buildings are produced as well-isolated according to four season’s conditions .It is possible for us to produce buildings as suitable for every kind of seasons.We consider the places of buildings where climate is so important.

QUESTION: Is it possible to use ceramic materials in WC and bathroom?

If a material is possible to use in a concrete building ,the same material is possible to use in prefabrcated buildings too.The adhesive chemicals for ceramics that will be used in WC ,bathroom and kitchen must have high elastical properties.

QUESTION: Is it possible to hang a wall panel on the walls?

Because of the walls have panel systems ,this application must be done by screws instead of nails.

QUESTION: Is it possible for buyers to paint the building by their own?

Buyers can paint easily the prefabricated buildings like they do concrete buildings.

QUESTION: What kind of technical materials do you use?

You can see and find out them in the page of “technical specifications“ from our web site ““

QUESTION: What are included to the prices of sold prefabricated buildings?

They include ; mounting , every kind of materials for prefabricated buildings (such as the panels of walls, materials of conjuction ,Coating of ceiling and roof , Isolation of the roof and coating materials of the roof ), Inner and outer doors,windows , transom windows, mounting the glasses of windows , Inner and outer front paints , Installation of wiring and water ,mounting of lambs ,plugs ,sockets ,lavatories and armatures of them.

QUESTION: What does a buyer have to do before installing of a building?

The concrete of floor,every kind of excavaton, arrangements of surroundings of the building , the covering of floor and walls ( ceramic ,carpets, faience etc.), external connections for waste and clean water,electricity power etc. , licence and permissions that must be issued by municipality ,heating and cooling systems (central heating , air condition etc.) , The costs of installation , accommodations , food etc. for the places out of ıstanbul , transport of goods and insurance of goods belong to buyer.

QUESTION: Do prefabricated buildings reduce the net usage of a place?

No ,they do not.On the contrary , according to concrete houses they provide 10 % more net usage place.

QUESTION: What is the application for cold regions?

Making the outer walls thicker,using the most suitable isolation material for walls according to region , making the isolation of the roof thicker , using additional coverings for outer parts of the building, etc.

QUESTION: What is the estimated lifetime of a building?

The main material that is used for AS Prefabric buildings is “Betopan“ (chip sheet).The producer company of this materal gives 50 years of warranty .And besides all the materials of metal are galvanised thus getting rust is postponed.

QUESTION: If the mounting is out of a city what do you need as additional?

For this our company demands costs for mounting team ( accommodation,food etc.) from buyer.Our mounting team consist of 5 people maximum.

QUESTION: What is delivery term?

A building of 100 sqm and 1 storey can be ready to deliver in 2-7 days.the total mounting time can be 4-6 days (it depends on the conditions weather).

QUESTION: How is the payment condition?

After contract the % 40 of the total amount is paid by buyer.Then all the materials are prepared to deliver .Before delivering the buyer pays the rest (60%) of total amount.After that the goods are sent to the buyer.

QUESTION: How is done the transport?

They are possible to be dispatched by lorry,Truck,ship ,train or by cargo planes.A lorry may carry 90 sqm of goods.And the average weight is 7-9 Tons.

QUESTION: Are there shakes for two storeys of buildings?

The essential calculations are made accordance with the related to stantarts (TS 648, TS 498, TS 11 372 etc.). and regulations..Therefore there is allowed shaking ratio between the storeys. Calculating ratio for storeys in the buildings is 250kg/m2 as load valueand according to found value the cross section is calculated.

QUESTION: Is it possible for the prefabricated buildings to be dismounted and remounted again?

Yes , possible,. Only there will be cost for dismounting – remounting and paint .There is always possibility to maintain the buildings at any time.

QUESTION: Are the prefabricated buildings harmful for environs and people?

There are not absulately.All the using materials are produced according to TSE regulations.

QUESTION: What is the situation of the prefabricated buildings against earthquakes?

AS prefabricated buildings are produced according to primary eartquake region of conditions . The buildings have got flexibilty because the construction parts are fixed each other with screws and bolts.Thus they do not fell over.

QUESTION: Can buyers decide about the colour of paint?

Yes ,they can

QUESTION: Where and How is the prefabricated building built on the floor ?

The prefabricated buildings are mounted on the floors that are prepared in advance.And for this steel fixing parts are used.Thus the buildings stay with concrete floor as stable and durable.

QUESTION: Where can the visitors see the already built ones?

They can see them visiting our company .

Our address : Merkez Mimarsinan M. Hakan S. No:4 BUYUKCEKMECE /IST.

(E-5 highway , opposite Akcanca cement factory)